Update June 24, 2020


  1. Fixed a issue in HotSeat which would cause the game to lock up due to incorrect player handling in the turn manager. Saves made during combat will still exhibit this behavior upon finishing, players need to load a Regular/End Turn save.
  2. Fixed a issue in Tactical Combat which would cause the game to lock up if a player Retreated/Surrendered in a 3-way combat.
  3. Fixed an crash that would occur if the Invasion Foreshadowing event would attempt to spawn near a player when they have no structures but are still alive.
  4. Fixed an issue that meant units sometimes became immune to stagger after being hit by an operation.
  5. Fixed a crash during Campaign caused by improper handling inventories changing when a Commander/Hero is dead.
  6. Fixed an issue where the Invasion Title music would play regardless of product ownership.
  7. Added a workaround for when the Launcher files are unable to parse resulting in settings not being pushed to the game.


  1. Fixed the Therian Ally Insignia not providing the Primal Pheromones: Bioregeneration.


  1. The ’Lost Stray’ Pickup no longer spawns in RMG if the player does not have the Invasions Expansion.


  1. Fixed the Voidbringer Naga ’Thralled Tendrils’ not correctly receving the Arc Damage swap.