Last Update

Feature: Auto-Explore

  1. Armies can now be set to ’auto-explore’, this means that they will scout around the planet on their own; picking up resources along the way. These armies will no longer appear in your to-do events; allowing you to focus on other tasks.

Feature: Tactical Operations Toggle

  1. When engaging in combat, you can now decide whether Tactical Operations will be used during Auto Combat.



  1. When a unit is brought back from the dead, all of its Once Per Battle and Ability Cooldowns are triggered. This does not affect Escape Module or similar abilities.
  2. Fixed issue where AI player vs AI Player and AI player vs Marauders would no longer generate combat events.
  3. Fixed that unit icons in the army panel would flicker on army movement.
  4. Fixed issue where razing a Forward Relay Base would not cancel its Energy and Cosmite upkeep.
  5. Fixed a visualization error on the Livestock Spawner Tactical Map that caused biodomes to spawn in the incorrect color.
  6. Fixed issue where the doomsday level could go beyond 3 causing a crash.


  1. Fixed issue in Hotseat where the game could hang after manual combat when an AI player attacked the player.
  2. Fixed issue in Hotseat where the game could crash upon using combat retry and then closing the combat results.


  1. Fixed issue where players could pause the turn timer while another player was in combat or viewing the combat results.
  2. Fixed issue where leaders would not load correctly in the lobby and loading screen if a player used a DLC leader but the host of the multiplayer session did not own the required DLC.

Units, Mods & Operations

  1. Sinister Chorus now correctly decreases Entropy Resistance.
  2. PsiTec Vox Amp now correctly receives damage channel changes from Focus mods.
  3. Fixed Hopperhound Mantises not having a defense mode.
  4. Purchased Faction Units now correctly gain extra ranks from the player’s HQ as well as other Upgrades.


  1. Fixed ’Kir’ko Independence’ in Xa’Kir’Ko (Kirko 02) not progressing in some cases after completing all three ’Collect Data from Xenolabs’ quests. Note: Affected players will still have to end their turn for the quest line to progress.

Anomalous Sites

  1. Replaced the constructs in Phase 3 of House of Emperors with Scavengers.


  1. Edge scrolling no longer moves the camera when input is blocked.
  2. Controller: Cycle Cities now correctly ignores Absorbing/Migrating cities.



  1. Doomsday structures are now being removed when a sector changes owner.


  1. Added Korean language support.


  1. Changing teams is now locked while the player has opted as ready to play.

Units, Mods & Operations

  1. Heritor Siphoner ’Es’Teq Siphon’ - Reduced damage from 11 to 9.


  1. Added a Secret Tech Filter to the Commander Selection screen.
  2. Skipping to the next to-do event will now focus the camera on the event.
  3. Cycling through cities is now done alphabetically.
  4. Where possible sector invasion event will now highlight the invading stack instead of the cell the invasion took place.