Update July 5, 2021


  1. ACEO-44184 Vintage DLC: Airside shuttle bus has incorrect parking position when servicing Ford Trimotor aircraft.
  2. ACEO-44176 Trailers can in certain instances clip through terminal floor when parked.
  3. ACEO-44173 Minor typo in aircraft damaged hangar text.
  4. ACEO-44170 Aircraft can in very rare instances initiate startup sequence twice causing unexpected behavior.
  5. ACEO-44147 Certain baggage contents not always localized correctly.
  6. ACEO-44143 Loading during de-icing procedure can in certain rare instances cause the de-icing job tasks to be temporarily abandoned.
  7. ACEO-44141 Supplier discount not clearly highlighted in contract panel.
  8. ACEO-44138 Few minor notable locations have incorrect region values in airport database.
  9. ACEO-44135 Missing localization key for generic.key.objects message in rare instances displayed.
  10. ACEO-44126 Terminal quality rating can in extremely rare instances be displayed as "not a number" causing other rating calculations to fail.
  11. ACEO-44117 Extremely rare taxiway connection exception in startup sequence can cause stands to appear disconnected.
  12. ACEO-44113 Small stand shows incorrect airline dropdown when enabling commercial flights.
  13. ACEO-44078 Missing localization key for generic.key.object-must-be-closed message.
  14. ACEO-44071 Service vehicle routes can on some instances for certain aircraft appear as incorrect.
  15. ACEO-44016 Remote aircraft boarding procedures can in extremely rare instances consider arriving passengers as such eligible for boarding and cause remote boarding procedure to extend to max time.
  16. ACEO-44001 Needs update system can in rare instances poorly take into account update frequency if person amount at airport is very low.
  17. ACEO-43950 Catering trucks can in very rare instances park on top of aircraft nose.
  18. ACEO-43891 Immediate index increase in room fetching algorithm can in very rare instance cause some rooms to have significantly less passenger interaction without an apparent reason.

New feature

  1. ACEO-44191 Vintage DLC: Vintage concrete stand(s).