Update October 28, 2021


  1. MERCURY-44868: Mesh render setting adjusted for reduced overdraw and slightly improved performance.
  2. MERCURY-44867: Minimum passenger ratio slightly increased.


  1. MERCURY-44901: Persons can in extremely rare instances not render correctly due to faulty mesh setting.
  2. MERCURY-44898: Very large saves can cause certain sound effects to fail playing when invoked.
  3. MERCURY-44874: Some sliders can snap back to initial value when released.
  4. MERCURY-44866: Text overflow in road settings panel for certain languages can cause performance degradation.
  5. MERCURY-44855: Fuel truck can in extremely rare road configuration cases turn around at service road checkpoint.
  6. MERCURY-44853: Stair truck option is missing from road node settings panel.
  7. MERCURY-44835: "The collector" achievement considers aircraft that are not in a non-modded airline fleet.
  8. MERCURY-44824: Year change observers not correctly invoked causing some year dependent features to not execute.
  9. MERCURY-44807: Flight frequency can in rare instances be labeled as "once" despite being daily.
  10. MERCURY-44736: Fixed a few minor incorrect region settings for cities in the airport database.
  11. MERCURY-44658 :Lines on passport checkpoint item can be rendered above other objects.
  12. MERCURY-44649: Fixed Aircraft Vickers VC10 incorrect rear wing layer setting.