Update November 8, 2021


  1. MERCURY-44982: Minor UI paneling improvements.
  2. MERCURY-44912: Added selection box for objects to more easily identify them as intractable.


  1. MERCURY-44994: Elevator is not always clickable.
  2. MERCURY-44992: Completed flights can in certain instances be removed from the flight planner before the day is over.
  3. MERCURY-44976: Selection overlay prioritize the room over items inside room.
  4. MERCURY-44969: Hover tool tip description in settings panel can in certain instances appear out of view.
  5. MERCURY-44958: Hiding the UI using F4 can break the UI toggling in certain panel instances.
  6. MERCURY-44949: Right click settings not available on some items despite appearing selected.
  7. MERCURY-44948: Object selection visuals only appear on ground floor related objects.
  8. MERCURY-44947: Elevator menu not selectable despite showing selection overlay.
  9. MERCURY-44926: Some objects displays selected overlay incorrect relative to actual object grid.
  10. MERCURY-44925: Multiple selection overlays are de-selected if hovered over.
  11. MERCURY-44924: Mesh setting warning spam in log can cause performance degradation.
  12. MERCURY-44922: Text elements not rendering on MacBook M1 pro chips.
  13. MERCURY-44919: Steam achievement sync invalidates The Collector-achievement on load.
  14. MERCURY-44915: Incorrect aircraft references are in very rare instances serialized on hangars causing them to become unavailable.
  15. MERCURY-44913: Room overlay doesn’t scale properly with non-uniform sizes.
  16. MERCURY-44911: Incorrect aspect ratio for image preview in color picker panel.
  17. MERCURY-44910: Incident cool-down not working properly causing excessive incident load on higher difficulty setting.
  18. MERCURY-44907: Vehicle path finding can in certain cases fail when vehicles enter or exit airport through specific road checkpoint configuration.
  19. MERCURY-44890: Parking lot can in rare cases display occupied slots despite no vehicles present.
  20. MERCURY-42134: Flights do not properly clear after extremely extended gameplay sessions causing gamedata .json to swell in size.