Update January 14, 2022

New feature

  1. MERCURY-45330: New aircraft: Learjet 75.
  2. MERCURY-45329: GA aircraft can now be set to use "correct" (as realistically defined by the player) fuel type if enabled in gameplay settings.


  1. MERCURY-45343: Tweaked negotiation points for an improved negotiation experience.


  1. MERCURY-45608: Passenger interaction time at a boarding desk doesn’t always properly reflect the staff’s skill and desk’s condition.
  2. MERCURY-45606: Updated baggage claim room requirements to include at least three (3) baggage belts.
  3. MERCURY-45508: Non-public transit structures can in rare instances be considered for airport transit calculations cause ghost cars to endlessly attempt parking at staff parking lots.
  4. MERCURY-45466: Aircraft can in rare instances pushback despite being grounded due to severe weather incident.
  5. MERCURY-45435: Certain franchise contracts cannot always be properly signed immediately via the room panel.
  6. MERCURY-45379: Boarding start time can in some instances with extremely large flights start before that flight’s time of arrival.
  7. MERCURY-45374: Birds do not always spawn on expected coordinates on larger maps.
  8. MERCURY-45366: Extremely rare baggage stack overflow exception when baggage belt claim areas do not contain proper carousels can cause application crash.
  9. MERCURY-45363: Passengers waiting for check-in do not always claim seats in their flight’s check-in counter terminal.
  10. MERCURY-45344: Negotiation point aquisition not properly explained in contract panel.
  11. MERCURY-45333: Selection overlay not always correctly aligned with object.
  12. MERCURY-45331: Vehicles can in extremely rare instances become invisible when assigning them to a different depot.
  13. MERCURY-45326: Chez Clara restaurant does not always reveal description.
  14. MERCURY-45324: Queue points can in very rare instances cause an unoccupied section between existing queue points when loading airport.
  15. MERCURY-45322: Remote stand without a terminal will not spawn a warning notification, causing re-fueling and other services to fail.
  16. MERCURY-45315: Some MacBook devices not using Intel chips can in extremely rare instances not correctly render UI labels.
  17. MERCURY-45081: Trashcans cannot always be relocated.