Update May 11, 2022


  1. The Elite Lancer Skin should now unlock correctly when Max Rank is achieved.


  1. LANCER: Fixed an issue with the CQW Mastery Perk, and it should now provide the correct amount of ammo.
  2. LANCER: Overwatch: Previously listed as a 20 Combat Rating, it’s now 0 (in line with base ability CR for all Kits).
  3. LANCER: Protective Layer: Previously listed as a 15 Combat Rating, it’s now 10.
  4. LANCER: Residual Charge: Previously listed as a 20 Combat Rating, it’s now 10.
  5. DEMOLISHER: The Loud and Clear Ability should once again properly provide an additional stack of the Clear the Room Passive when attached to Micro Rockets.
  6. DOC: The Trauma Station Ability will no longer heal Defense Points in Point Defense Mode.


  1. The Robot Carnival Challenge Card now works in the Giants of the Earth: Insertion Mission.


  1. Perks from Hidden Caches are now guaranteed to be received once players have found all of the available Attachment Rewards in a Campaign’s Hidden Cache pool.


  1. Changed the Persist ADS shoulder setting to be set to ON by default.