Update September 15, 2021



  1. Increase to the Shield ability blocking angle, making it easier to block attacks from enemies that are not directly in front of the shield.
  2. Change to the Shield ability so that it no longer easily gets interrupted by being stumbled.
  3. Doc:
  4. Fix for the Doc’s "Readiness" perk so that it now properly grants improvements to Ability Recharge Speed.


  1. Improvements to ultra-widescreen support.
  2. Adjustment to the L59 Minigun’s muzzle flash, reducing it’s brightness to a level similar to the Smartgun.


  1. Fix for instances where the "Spectate" and "Abandon Mission" options failed to display correctly upon death.


  1. Fix to some instances of Achievements not being granted upon collection of an item. This fix will also include the "All My Personal Friends" Achievement for leveling up 30 weapons to four stars.


  1. Fix for an issue where the "Delayed Recovery" Challenge Card could interfere with Ability Recharge Speeds in unintended ways.
  2. Fixed issue where the "Spectate" or "Abandon Mission" button might not appear in 2 player co-op missions.

Update #2


  1. We have reverted a fix for improved support to ultra-wide screens in order to prevent an unintended issue with weapon accuracy.