Update June 25, 2020

  1. Keep inventory at restart - Inventory is kept after player death or arrest. You can still use the Game Options to choose the ’classic’ behaviour where all inventory items are lost.
  2. New Wanted behaviour - When the player is ’Wanted’, the cops will search an area marked on the map. The player will need to escape this area in order for the search to be called off. Changing clothes or vehicle is still effective in avoiding detection and makes it easier to escape the search zone. (Playing with the minimap enabled is recommended).
  3. Extra map info - Nearby weapon drops, clothes, and stash clue locations are displayed on the map and minimap. Painting locations are also displayed (once the first painting has been pawned in an early mission).

Other fixes

  1. Increased the player on-foot speed slightly.
  2. Reduced the reload speed of certain weapons.
  3. Increased ammo from weapon drops, and increased player ammo capacity.
  4. Vehicle follow camera tweaks. Now defaults to ’Follow Camera’ for new profiles.
  5. Parked cars have 30% chance of being unlocked (previously had 0%).
  6. Reduced player vehicle damage.
  7. Reduced camera recoil when aiming with mouse.
  8. Fix text overlap in burglary UI at 16:10 resolution.