Update May 22, 2019


  1. Fixed incorrect display of Mouse Aim and Mouse Attack bindings on controls screen.
  2. Fixed issue which prevented PC gamepad from working if another controller was detected (eg another pad / wheel / joystick).


  1. Fixed lockpick item using wrong sound effect.
  2. Fixed restraining items not using their respective sound effect during ’Restrain’ interior phase.
  3. Fixed issue with character music looping a second time before abruptly stopping.


  1. Fixed issue with AI popping in and out at Train Station doors.


  1. Improved persistence of clothing off-screen indicator, to aid on-boarding.
  2. Improved persistence of objective off-screen marker icons, especially when in different map regions.
  3. Fixed issue which prevented use of crowbar on doors which can be kicked open.
  4. Fixed Stunt Jump UI showing ’New Record’ at incorrect times.
  5. Statistics Screen: Distances over 1000 metres now display as Km.
  6. Map Screen: Show available Mission Giver and Time Trial icons for all areas, not just the one user is in.


  1. Numerous minor fixes.