Update November 25, 2019


  1. Added 2 new weapons, the bazooka and the minigun.
  2. Added 2 new vehicles, the Westmoreland Tank and the Army 4x4.
  3. Added 10 new challenges, accessed in the same way as Time Trials.
  4. Added a 6 star wanted level.
  5. Added 3 new achievements.
  6. Replaced the toy factory with a military base.
  7. Added soldier NPCs.
  8. Added soldier uniform.
  9. AI will now burst fire when using automatic weapons.
  10. Police NPCs will now flee from burning cars.
  11. Stopped NPCs shooting cars that are too close to them.
  12. Added animal ragdolling when shot or hit by vehicles.
  13. Added extra waypoint minimap marker during time trials.


  1. Improved bullet impact sounds for vehicles, buildings and people.
  2. Decreased global music volume and increase global vehicle volume.


  1. Moved ’Game’ to top of Options menu.


  1. Fixed issue where weapon fire rate would temporarily increase when turning quickly.
  2. Fixed issue where NPCs would continue attacking the player after death.
  3. Fixed issue where the camera wouldn’t orientate itself properly at the beginning of time trials while playing in Follow Camera mode.
  4. Fixed issue where NPC speech bubble would persist after the vehicle they were in had been destroyed.
  5. Fixed issue where the ’Return to Vehicle’ countdown would display in time trials, even if the player was dead.
  6. Fixed issue where player would surrender while standing still and aiming.
  7. Fixed issue where the police car icon wouldn’t disappear from the minimap if stolen from a police roadblock.
  8. Fixed issue where the player could make phone calls during challenges and races.
  9. Fixed issue where the ’back’ UI button would overlap with the weapon panel.
  10. Fixed issues with UI icons when playing on 21:9 monitors.
  11. Fixed issues with newspaper text while playing in Japanese.