Update June 24, 2019


  1. ATMs can now be broken into after being towed.
  2. Fixed issue where taking cash would occasionally fail to give you the money.
  3. Fixed issue where Mission NPCs occasionally wouldn’t unlock correctly.
  4. Player is now awarded a small amount of cash for compacting vehicles.

Quality of Life

  1. Added Stunt Jump icons to map, with colours denoting complete / incomplete.
  2. Added icons to Journal note entries denoting stash discovered / undiscovered, as well as the ability to add a map waypoint at original note location.
  3. Time Trial map icons are now colour coded to denote tier achieved.
  4. Added Info Panel to map screen, displaying personal best Time Trial times and Stunt Jump distances.
  5. Added off-screen markers animation to make them more noticeable.


  1. Fixed issue with Prison Infirmary ’beep’ SFX not terminating.
  2. Fixed issue where graveyard corpses would scream.


  1. Fixed full-screen images not filling the screen correctly in 16:10.
  2. Removed some trees around forest cabin area to improve performance.
  3. Fixed ’Arrests’ stat not being incremented.
  4. Fixed issue with Uppercase ’i’ not rendering when Turkish is default Windows language.