Update June 21, 2022

  1. Added a Streamer Mode. When active, room codes do not display in the lobby and is replaced by "Click to copy". This can be toggled on or off in the General Settings.
  2. Added Colorblind Settings. When active, the names of the colors will appear next to the players during meetings, and below the player during gameplay.
  3. Account linking is back. Follow the in-game instructions.
  4. Players are now able to view the map from the voting screen.
  5. Friends List - The player’s last display name will appear above a player’s Friend Code.
  6. Loading screen now waits for every player in the lobby when loading into a round.
  7. Kills can no longer happen when an Emergency Meeting is being called.
  8. Players in game should no longer randomly lose the ability to interact with map, complete tasks, or kills.
  9. Quick Chat wheel can be used as intended while a task (Download Data / Upload Data) is being completed. Players will no longer be forced to close and re-open chat.
  10. Smooth Talker achievement can now be unlocked if the second to last Crewmate leaves the game.
  11. Players should no longer see the ’Sure is taking a while’ error message when launching Among Us.
  12. Friend Codes no longer duplicate across all players when player and host rejoin lobby.
  13. Resolved desync issue when player reports body while climbing ladder.
  14. Redeem pop up message for Scream cosmetics no longer prompts. Redemption period for this cosmetic has passed!
  15. Players will no longer see ’Sure is taking a while’ if game is set to languages other than English.
  16. Players are now able to unlock the Circumventor achievement.
  17. Entering the correct date of birth no longer registers the account as age 0.
  18. Added the Language server filter to the settings in the Lobby.