Update June 1, 2020


  1. Campaign mission 5 (Quickly by the Old Road) has been rebalanced - two heroes in the player’s deck were changed and a few new spells were added.


  1. Moved the in-game chat window from the bottom left of the screen to the top left.
  2. A river has been added to the center of the board; its flow direction indicates the lane order for combat resolution.
  3. A visual effect now plays when Schemes are triggered.
  4. Pressing ESC in the main UI no longer browses backwards in your navigation history, but instead returns to next screen up in the menu heirarchy.
  5. Arc Warden now has a hero icon.
  6. Removed unused skill rating display from match history entries.
  7. Clarified glossary entries for bounce and cleave.
  8. Added Blocked to the glossary.


  1. Fixed crash during a card inspection on Macs.
  2. Prevented clicks on mission dialogs from going through to the campaign map.
  3. Fixed an issue where no new heroes would be unlocked for several of the initial packs.
  4. Fixed an issue where players would never get matched against another player and couldn’t play in private lobbies if their nearest datacenter was Singapore.


  1. Added first stab (or impale!) at Nyx Assassin.

Legion Commander

  1. Stats changed 4/1/4 -> 5/1/4.
  2. Legion Commander’s Moment of Courage only applies when she attacks. Heal 2 -> Heal 3.

Sand King

  1. Burrowstrike movement up from 4 to 5.


  1. Dark Rift no longer tries to move more heroes to its target lane than will fit there.

Creeps / Spells

Animated Armor

  1. Now puts a *locked* Artificer’s Mail into your hand when it dies.

Assassin’s Apprentice

  1. Now has Quickstrike all the time, not just for one battle.

Assassin’s Shadow

  1. Now has Quickstrike all the time, not just for one battle.

Corrosive Mist

  1. Increased mana cost 5 -> 6.


  1. Now reduces the mana cost of items instead of refunding it.

Lashvine Creeper

  1. Now grabs the closest enemy, rather than a random enemy.

Mist of Avernus

  1. Reduced mana cost 4 -> 3.

Path of the Bold

  1. Starts with 0 charges.

Path of the Cunning

  1. Starts with 0 charges.

Ravenous Mass

  1. Now moves to adjacent enemies of your choice and devours them, rather than just devouring them and staying place.

Temple of War

  1. Card inspect shows the basic items.


Blade of the Vigil

  1. Attack +2 -> Attack +0.
  2. Cleave +3 -> Cleave +4.

Claszureme Hourglass

  1. No longer interacts with forced card draw, it only locks extra cards drawn by sources the opponent controls. No more interaction with Imperia or an opponent’s Howling Mind.

Cloak of Endless Carnage

  1. Now only draws one card per turn.

Golden Ticket

  1. Card drawn is now limited to your shop level or below.