Update July 3, 2020


  1. Added ability to choose between Constructed, Live Draft, or Random 2 Color game modes when playing against a bot.
  2. Removed the player level display from in game and match history in anticipation of it being replaced with player rank.
  3. Removed unused time remaining display from match history entries.
  4. Added an explicit option to cancel joining the constructed channel.
  5. Player level, experience, and rank now update in the player profile after each match.
  6. Health tooltip no longer shows an Armor duration error.


  1. Fixed a bug where the –novid command line argument blocked reward popups.
  2. The Skip Startup Movies settings option now skips the opening splash screen.
  3. Fixed the layout on the feedback submission tool.
  4. The badge in your profile now correctly shows your Steam avatar.
  5. Match IDs now correctly display on the post-game stats screen.


  1. Added a warning if you target your own units with Laguna Blade.
  2. Saphire Archon and Expose the Truth now ignore all item cards, not just Blink Scrolls.
  3. Lucent Beam adds a charge to Eclipse cards in the overdraw pile.