Update July 9, 2020


  1. Fixed counterintuitive armor interactions with cards that deal damage at the same time as applying an armor debuff (Gush, or Overpower when cast by Ursa).
  2. Fixed Necromastery only doing a partial pulse in between charges (only triggering Bristleback once, for example).
  3. Removed Revtel Mercenary Contract and Greevil Egg for rework.
  4. Changed shop upgrade to a fixed cost of 3, rather than starting at 5 and going down.
  5. In constructed, the shop is now guaranteed to show you at least one card from your item deck if possible.
  6. Nether Ward now tells you that it is not triggered by items.
  7. Changed Phantom Lancer’s signature card to Illusion Confusion.
  8. Spell.
  9. Red 3.
  10. Move caster to a neighboring slot. Replace it with a Lancer Illusion.
  11. Enchantress’ Enchant is now an Attack bonus instead of a damage bonus, resolving unintuitive Unbreakable Column interaction with low attack units.
  12. Centaur Warrunner granted a new passive ability: Great Fortitude.
  13. Centaur Warrunner’s stats cannot be reduced except by damage.
  14. Multicast copies the original card’s charges.
  15. Mimicry copies the tower enchantment’s charges.
  16. Shifting Loyalty swaps colors as well as ownership.
  17. Getting control of a unit changes its color to the caster’s color.
  18. Kanna’s Hound of War is now blue.
  19. Random 2 Color against bots now grants event progress.
  20. Fixed quick bot decks for constructed play.


  1. Added banners to announce game phase changes.
  2. Added global leaderboard rankings to the profile for players that at the highest rank.
  3. Added another indicator of which direction combat will resolve in this round, with an explanatory tooltip.
  4. Added an explanation of how the different shop slots work to the shop upgrade tooltip.


  1. Fixed issues with not being able to spectate games.
  2. Skipping past the initial deployment phase in replays removes lane darkening effects.
  3. Fixed skipping the shopping phase if in the previous phase the player double clicked the coin or pressed spacebar on a keyboard with a high repeat rate.