Update July 23, 2020

Card Text

  1. Added Break to the glossary.
  2. Updated Keenfolk Golem text to say that it doesn’t discard your whole hand.


  1. Plans Within Plans attack buff reduced to 1 round duration.
  2. Wildwing Bait now starts with 3 charges and uses a charge each time a Wildwing replaces a Melee Creep.
  3. Ventiloquy causes taunted units to deal 1 battle damage to their new target.
  4. Tidehunter replaces Kraken Shell with Anchor Smash: The first time you play a non-item card from Tidehunter’s lane, deal 1 damage to its adjacent enemies and give them -1 Attack this round. If there are none, battle the enemy tower instead.
  5. Temple of War can bounce cursed items.


  1. Fixed a bug preventing reward popups from showing after players gained ranks.
  2. Blink scrolls are no longer handed out when the game ends before the combat phase.
  3. Fixed a bug where cards with multiple targeting steps would get stuck if the shot clock expired while choosing targets.
  4. Fixed various effects being treated as Auras for the purpose of Devour when they shouldn’t have been.
  5. Fixed hero draft decks sometimes having more than the legal number of copies of a card.
  6. Spiked Carapace no longer updates the game mid-combat.
  7. Lethal trample damage to the tower no longer causes damage effects to happen twice.


  1. Added new design for Rank badges.