Update July 31, 2020

Card Text

  1. Moment of Courage clarified to indicate that Legion Commander must survive combat.
  2. Objective Vision text clarified to indicate its effect is based on the hero’s maximum health.
  3. Veteran’s Insight text clarified to indicate that its effect triggers on battle damage to units, rather than any battle damage.


  1. Reflected damage of all kinds does not count as battle damage.
  2. Tiny’s Grow ability cannot be purged anymore.
  3. Venomancer gains Poison Sting: When Venomancer and allied Plague Wards deal damage to a unit or tower, give it +1 Decay until its next combat phase.
  4. Relentless Pursuit targets enemies with an empty position across from them instead of unblocked enemies.
  5. Demolishing Warhammer changed to +5 damage when attacking a tower.
  6. Blade of the Vigil changed to grant +5 cleave.
  7. Claszureme Hourglass changed to: After Combat: Bounce this hero. Active: Bounce the unit blocking equipped hero.
  8. Vesture of the Tyrant cost increased to 25.
  9. Guardian Greaves healing changed to be temporary health.
  10. Spirit Vessel now grants +2 mana.
  11. Hand of God changed to: Give allied heroes in all lanes +4 health until death.
  12. In Full Bloom cost reduced to 3.
  13. Twisted Path cooldown increased to 2.
  14. Blue abilities that trigger on blue spells or enchantments being played now trigger on all spells and enchantments, not just blue.
  15. Abilities that triggered on a colored card play now trigger on any non-item card play.
  16. Earthshaker, Zeus, Skywrath, Vanessa, Pierpont, Crystal Maiden gain +1 attack.
  17. Shattered Terrapin changed to: Play Effect: Reduce Shattered Terrapin to 3 Health. When healed, transform Shattered Terrapin into Terrapin Greatshell.
  18. Terrapin Greatshell: Untargetable. Terrapin Greatshells’ neighbors are Untargetable. stats increased to 4 / 2 / 5.
  19. Tinker Laser damage reduced to 2.
  20. Tinker attack reduced to 2.
  21. Timbersaw health reduced to 6.
  22. Thunderstorm cost reduced to 4, now deals Piercing damage.
  23. Arc Bolt damage is now Piercing.
  24. Lightning Strike damage is now Piercing.
  25. Bolt of Damocles damage is now Piercing.


  1. Quill Sprays triggered by Bristleback’s passive no longer count as battle damage.
  2. Fixed the private lobby setting for disabling Blink Scrolls.
  3. Fixed a bug where Skullduggery left gaps in your opponent’s hand.
  4. Fixed some inconsistent tooltips for Track and Untargetable keywords.


  1. Redesigned the rank changed popup.