Update August 28, 2020


  1. Removed Golden Ticket from the pool of possible items that resolving a Golden Ticket can give you.
  2. Main Gauche changed to a 15 gold armor item: +2 Armor. Equipped hero has +2 Attack per empty item slot.
  3. New item: Strength Potion Twin Pack, 10 gold: Give a unit +3 Attack for two rounds and heal it 2. When you buy Strength Potion Twin Pack, get another one.
  4. Storm Spirit’s Attack reduced to 4.
  5. Storm Spirit’s Static Remnants actually do 1 piercing damage this time.
  6. Relentless Pursuit makes the caster attack for 2 battle damage.
  7. Clear the Deck mana cost increased to 5.
  8. Quickstrike affects non-combat phase battles (e.g. Duel, Berserker’s Call).
  9. Changed item deck rules to include a maximum of 2 copies of each item rather than 3.


  1. Removed hover tooltips from abilities on cards. Clicking a card in combat now brings up all abilities and glossary strings.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug where tower armor displayed the max armor, rather than current armor.
  2. Main replay controls are no longer hidden when viewing a replay with a large number of turns.
  3. The rank badge for Herald 2 now shows the correct number of stars.
  4. Pugna’s Nether Ward cooldown applies now.

Card Text

  1. Lycan’s Feral Impulse correctly shows that it only affects allied creeps.
  2. Lycan’s Pack Leadership clarified to only count allied creeps and simplified to not use charges.
  3. Hooked Net legibility change.
  4. Throw Down clarified.