Update September 3, 2020


  1. Added a matchmaking queue for playing Constructed against human opponents.
  2. Added six basic pre-constructed decks comprised of only unlock tier 0 cards to the deck loader.


  1. Standardized the UI flow for playing against bots and humans.
  2. Ability flyouts for heroes that have been deployed to a lane, but not yet committed, are now accessed by a click rather than a hover.
  3. When clicking on a unit to view its effects and abilities, the glossary entries for those abilities and effects are now hidden until the ability or effect is hovered to reduce visual clutter. Glossary entries are still always shown when hovering a card that’s in your hand or in the fountain during deployment.

Bug Fixes

  1. Ramp Bolt now shows the correct damage numbers when resolving.
  2. Fixed a bug preventing the campaign hero Lukol-Po from gaining Retaliate from his innate abilities.
  3. Fixed a bug causing speech bubbles for campaign dialog to appear off-screen.
  4. The maximum number of copies of an item allowed in a deck is now correctly displayed as 2 rather than 3.
  5. Fixed several crashes related to Spark Wraith.

Card Text

  1. Mjollnir now explicitly says that the wielder needs to survive for its effect to trigger.

New and Returning Heroes

  1. Abaddon has been reworked and is now available in all game modes.


  1. Hero - 3/6.
  2. Green.
  3. Borrowed Time -- 1 Mana, 3 cooldown.
  4. Signature: Mist Coil x3.

Borrowed Time

  1. Activated Ability.
  2. When Abaddon is dealt damage this round, heal that much instead.

Mist Coil

  1. Spell.
  2. Green 2.
  3. Deal 3 damage to the caster. It cannot die from this spell.
  4. Heal another ally 3 or deal 3 damage to an enemy.
  5. Troll Warlord and Mazzie have been added as works-in-progress, usable in private lobbies but not unlockable or usable in other modes yet.

Troll Warlord

  1. Hero - 2/6.
  2. Red.
  3. Fervor -- Passive.
  4. Whirling Axes -- Passive.
  5. Signature: Battle Trance x3.


  1. Passive Ability.
  2. Charges 0.
  3. When Troll Warlord attacks a new target, set charges to 1. Whenever Troll Warlord attacks that target again, add a charge.
  4. Troll Warlord deals +1 damage per charge when attacking that target.
  5. Death Effect: Remove all charges.

Whirling Axes

  1. Passive Ability.
  2. Round Start: Troll Warlord attacks its combat target for 1 battle damage.

Battle Trance

  1. Spell.
  2. Red 3.
  3. Give caster immunity to battle damage and Untargetable.
  4. It battles an adjacent enemy.


  1. Hero - 2/4.
  2. Red.
  3. Armor 2.
  4. Gear Head -- Passive.
  5. Signatures: Prototype Weapon, Prototype Shield, Prototype Boots.

Gear Head

  1. Passive Ability.
  2. Equipping Mazzie does not require item slots.
  3. Mazzie has +1 Attack, +1 Armor, and +1 Health for each equipped item.

Prototype Weapon

  1. Spell.
  2. Colorless 2.
  3. Equip a :
  4. +2 Attack.
  5. Activate 1 Mana, 3 cooldown: Disarm each unit pointing at equipped hero.

Prototype Shield

  1. Spell.
  2. Colorless 2.
  3. Equip a :
  4. +2 Armor.
  5. Activate 1 Mana, 2 cooldown: Deal damage to each unit pointing at equipped hero equal to the number of charges.
  6. After battling a unit, add a charge, max 4.

Prototype Boots

  1. Spell.
  2. Colorless 2.
  3. Equip a :
  4. +2 Health.
  5. Activate 1 Mana, 3 cooldown: Move equipped hero hero to another position. It taunts.