Update September 10, 2020


  1. Attacking for X battle damage counts as a battle (e.g. interacts with Legion Commander’s Moment of Courage and Mjollnir).
  2. Repeated cards now show it in the repeated card’s text.
  3. Glossary entry for Repeated now states that Repeated cards do not trigger abilities.


  1. Mazzie’s Mazer Beam MK-179 no longer disarms permanently.
  2. Clear the Deck no longer effectively gives quickstrike during a non-combat phase battle.
  3. Ursa’s Overpower effect updated to match attack for X battle damage wording.
  4. Removed another Pugna from the intro campaign.
  5. Fixed an AI crash in end game scenarios.
  6. Fixed a crash caused by creating Static Remnants in a full lane.
  7. Spark Wraith now correctly only triggers from enemies entering neighboring positions.