Update September 18, 2020


  1. Damage reduction now applies when a unit is hittin’ itself.
  2. Increased Enchantress health 4 -> 5.
  3. Decreased Bloodseeker stats 5/6 -> 3/5. Decreased Exsanguinate mana cost 4 -> 3.
  4. Increased Storm Spirit’s Ball Lightning mana cost 1 -> 2, and only has Quickcast if the caster lands in a previously empty slot.
  5. Increased Storm Spirit’s Static Remnant damage 1 -> 2.
  6. Tidehunter’s Gush no longer has Quickcast.
  7. Rubick’s Spell Steal copies are no longer ephemeral.
  8. Anti-Mage’s Blink Strike changed to an attack for 1 battle damage.
  9. Arc Warden’s clone keeps the visual change when bounced.
  10. Decreased Demolishing Warhammer tower damage 5 -> 4.
  11. Morphling Whelp copies current charges from creeps (e.g. Sister of the Void).
  12. Increased Greevil Eggtender shuffling greevils into the deck 1 -> 3.
  13. Troll Warlord is now available in Constructed and Live Draft. Mazzie remains available in private lobbies only.

Added a new creep

  1. Rumusque Choir.
  2. Creep - 1/1.
  3. Green 2.
  4. Whenever another ally is healed, give Rumusque Choir +1 Attack and +1 Health permanently.

Card Text

  1. Reworded Pierpont’s Inspect for clarity.


  1. Colorized flyouts for innate unit abilities.


  1. The constructed queue now lets you use any cards, not just ones you’ve unlocked.
  2. The constructed queue no longer matches you against another person at the same unlock tier.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug that on rare occasions could cause the game to stall when their shot clock expired during deployment.
  2. Bloodseeker’s Thirst doesn’t get bypassed by Rapid Deployment.
  3. Abaddon’s Mist Coil no longer causes a surviving caster to die if it later gets healed.
  4. Veteran’s Insight requires a unit to survive battle to gain insight (i.e. +1 Health).
  5. Fixed a bug where card unlock percentage was miscalculated which also led to being able to open empty packs.
  6. Menu and draft music now correctly transitions out when a match starts.