Update October 15, 2020


  1. Mazzie’s Gear Head ability changed to "May equip any number of unique items.".
  2. Mazzie can now be unlocked for hero draft.
  3. Mazzie unbanned from constructed.
  4. Mazzie’s extra items appear as tiles on the card rather than just disappearing.
  5. A new playtest deck has been added to the deck selector featuring Mazzie.


  1. Added a setting to keep hero and card names in English when playing the game in another language.
  2. Added status effect icons for Lethal to Heroes, Lethal to Creeps, and modified Bounty.
  3. For status effects that have an associated value (e.g. Decay), added the value to the tooltip when you hover the new icons on the card.

Card Text

  1. Renamed battle damage to physical damage.
  2. Expose the Truth specifies it only counts non-item cards.


  1. No Hesitation mana cost reduced from 3 -> 2.
  2. Clear the Deck changed to "Give caster +3 Cleave. Give your units Lethal to Heroes." (No longer gives Lethal to Creeps.).
  3. Culling Blade gained a lane-wide stun for 1 action.
  4. Toss may now toss a unit in place.
  5. Unbreakable Column now affects neighboring heroes as well as creeps.
  6. Objective Vision’s buff is now based on current Health rather than Max Health.
  7. Kanna Health increased from 7 -> 9.
  8. Thundergod’s Wrath mana cost reduced from 6 -> 5.
  9. Corpse Horde now gives your units +1 Regeneration in addition to Trample if you have a green hero.
  10. Copies created by Ogre Magi’s Multicast now copy any mana reduction.
  11. Taking control of a unit through effects like Chen’s Holy persuasion no longer triggers lane entering effects like Glyph of Confusion.
  12. Refresher Orb and Runic Instigation now affect the cooldowns of passive abilities in addition to active abilities.
  13. Hooked Net Bounty reduced from 2 -> 1.


  1. Fixed a bug that caused heroes to unexpectedly die at the start of a turn.
  2. Fixed a bug causing combat position targeting highlights to become stuck when hovered while an action is resolving.