Update October 22, 2020

Shop v2.1

  1. Shop mechanics, item costs, and the shop UI have all been reworked.
  2. The base cost of each item Tier goes up by 10 rather than 5. Mid-tier costs have also been added, so Tier 1 items can cost either 10 or 15 gold, Tier 2 items can cost either 20 or 25 gold, up to Tier 5 items costing the maximum 50 gold.
  3. Upgrading the shop no longer costs any gold, skipping shopping gives you 5 gold (and does not increase with shop level), and you start the game with 10 gold rather than 5 gold. Also, towers no longer reward 10 gold when killed.
  4. In constructed, no random items are added to your deck. It’s just your item deck, though you will get random tier 1 items offered if you run out of items from your item deck.
  5. The rules for the shop slots have been simplified slightly as well. The left slot is an item from the highest tier available and the right slot is an item from the lowest tier available (previously it was any item you can afford) and item costs can no longer increase as you scan from the left to the right slot.
  6. Finally, tier 5 items (50 gold) now cost 2 mana rather than 1 mana to equip.

Magnus: He’s Back (And He’s Bold)


  1. Hero - 2/1/6.
  2. Red.
  3. Skewer -- Activate 2 CD, 1 Mana: Choose an unopposed slot within range 5. Magnus strikes the closest enemy hero in that direction for 2 physical damage and moves it to that slot. Move Magnus to it.
  4. Cross Lane.


  1. Spell.
  2. Red 2.
  3. Choose caster and an enemy.
  4. Deal 1 damage to enemies between them, then pull them towards the caster.

Card Demos

  1. Added the start of a feature allowing you to demo cards from the deck builder to understand how they work. Added demos for the first 6 red heroes. Select the hero in the deck builder and click "Try Card Demo" beneath its name to check it out.


  1. Dark Seer has been moved from green to red.
  2. Tiny has been moved from red to green.
  3. Keefe the Bold’s Reckless Charge now allows you to stay in place.
  4. Phantom Lancer’s Illusion Confusion can no longer be cast to ill effect by a rooted caster.
  5. Escape Route can no longer be activated to no effect on a rooted unit.
  6. Cheating Death can no longer be activated to no effect on a unit that already has a death shield.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed slot highlights getting stuck on in various cases after using movement cards and abilities.
  2. Fixed particle effects getting stuck when using Fractured Timeline.
  3. Fixed unexpected physical damage during Mjollnir / Archer’s Parapet interactions.
  4. Turned off misleading highlights on tooltips and tiles for active abilities that are off cooldown but can’t be used while stunned, rooted, or silenced.
  5. Hovering status effects that come from an equipped items and auras now say their source is an item or an aura rather than "permanent.".
  6. Hovering status effects for numeric attributes such as decay or cleave now correctly say the total amount the unit has if it has multiple sources of that attribute.