Update November 6, 2020



  1. When Lycan transforms, he no longer transforms back until death.
  2. Lady Anshu, Rix, and Rix, Oathbound now have 2 round cooldown on Rapid Deployment and on their Death Effects.
  3. Rix now gains +2 Attack per death rather than +1, and it no longer uses charges (and can be purged).
  4. Mazzie’s signature cards are now the items themselves rather than spells. They are still drawn from the main deck and they don’t show as an item to the opponent when in hand.
  5. Phantom Lancer’s Illusion Confusion can now move caster to any spot in the lane, not just a neighboring spot.


  1. Claymore cost reduced from 35 -> 30.
  2. Ghost Scepter gained "Play Effect: Activate targeting self.".
  3. Guardian Greaves cost reduced from 35 -> 30.
  4. Hero’s Cape gained "Play Effect: Fully heal equipped hero.".
  5. Mortred’s Dagger gained "Play Effect: Equipped hero battles the unit blocking it.".
  6. Nullifier can now target allied units as well as enemies.
  7. Nyctasha’s Guard cost reduced from 50 -> 45.
  8. Sheep Stick cost reduced from 40 -> 35.
  9. Sorla Khan’s Spear now grants Piercing.


  1. Bronze Legionnaire Health increased from 1 -> 2.
  2. Cursed Satyr cooldown reduced from 3 -> 0 and gained "After Combat: Slay Cursed Satyr.".
  3. Honor Guard minion bonus increased from +1 Attack and +1 Armor per neighboring hero to +2 Attack and +2 Armor.
  4. Marrowfell Brawler Health increased from 6 -> 9.
  5. Marrowfell Brawler Play Effect now battles twice rather than once.
  6. Marrowfell Brawler’s Attack debuff now only lasts until the unit dies rather than a permanent debuff.
  7. Ogre Conscript Armor increased from 1 -> 2.


  1. Pincer may only be cast by your red heroes.


  1. Added an indicator for which queue or queues players are searching for matches in.
  2. The item deck warning pip in the deck builder turns red if you do not include enough items.

Card Text

  1. Keefe the Bold’s Stop Hittin’ Yourself, and Wave of Madness now refer to units as striking themselves rather than battling themselves. (Shipped along with an unrelated hotfix last week.).
  2. Hooked Net is now properly listed as an Aura.
  3. Smeevil Blacksmith now has an armor icon in its text where it was missing before.