Update November 19, 2020

Card Changes


  1. Treant Protector now includes Leech Seed instead of Roseleaf Druid.
  2. Treant Protector’s Branches of Iron gives regeneration instead of armor.


  1. Mjollnir only triggers once per player action, rather than for every strike individually.


  1. Rebel Rabble Rouser has been moved from red to green and lost its armor.
  2. Red Mist Pillager has been moved from red to black, 4/3, no longer replicates.
  3. Roseleaf Druid mana cost reduced from 2 to 1.
  4. Roused Rabble has been moved from red to green. It has +1/+1 for each Vhoul Rebellion unit in lane.

New Cards

Imperial Herald

  1. Creep 2/1/2.
  2. Red 4.
  3. Play Effect: Give allied Bronze Legion units everywhere +1 Attack and +1 Armor permanently.

Legion Scouting Party

  1. Creep 2/1/2.
  2. Red 5.
  3. Round Start: Shuffle a Bronze Legionnaire into your deck and draw a Bronze Legion creep.


  1. Faction names are now visible on cards and the inspect view.

Bug Fixes

  1. Meepo’s United We Fall works again.
  2. Axe’s Culling Blade and Earthshaker’s Aftershock timing unified (Aftershock no longer lasts an extra action.).
  3. Repeated spells now correctly copy the color of the original spell, rather than the color of their caster.
  4. When automatically selecting a caster for a spell, casters of the spell’s color are favored over other possible casters.
  5. Ventriloquy now correctly plays a taunt animation on the target, rather than the caster.

Card Demos

  1. Added card demos for the remaining red heroes that didn’t have them (Phantom Lancer, Tidehunter, Timbersaw, Troll Warlord, Tusk, and Ursa).
  2. Added card demos for the remaining green heroes that didn’t have them (Dazzle, Dragon Knight, Drow Ranger, Enchantress, Farvhan the Dreamer, Omniknight, Sand King and Treant Protector).