Update March 11, 2021

Store Page

  1. The link to install/play Artifact Foundry now correctly installs Artifact Foundry rather than Artifact Classic.


  1. Moved mana display from on top of the hand to the bottom-right and top-right corners.


  1. Fixed a bug where mana would sometimes be hidden during deploy and never reappear.
  2. Fixed tooltips not showing up when hovering on gold or mana.
  3. Fixed the positioning on the enemy overdraw count.
  4. Fixed a crash when hovering cards during the transition from the VS screen.
  5. Fixed a bug preventing the Waiting for Opponent banner from showing when you have no heroes to deploy.
  6. Fixed a bug incorrectly showing hover tooltips for enemy heroes when hovering their regular hand.
  7. Fixed tooltips showing incorrect information when hovering unrevealed enemy cards.
  8. Fixed text and effects on the rank up screen for leaderboard rank.


  1. Deck codes that contain include cards without their heroes (i.e. Living Armor) will now remove those cards when loaded.
  2. Added credits to the settings screen.
  3. Spring the Trap now staggers its effects so it’s not as loud when played.
  4. Sniper’s Assassinate particle effect no longer plays on the caster before it plays on the target.


  1. Abaddon HP increased from 8 > 9.
  2. Anti-Mage HP increased from 4 > 5.
  3. Dark Seer HP increased from 7 > 8.
  4. Kanna HP decreased from 9 > 8.
  5. Prellex’s Barracks mana cost increased from 2 > 3.
  6. Tidehunter HP decreased from 9 > 8.
  7. Tusk’s Ice Shards mana cost from 2 > 1.