Update June 9, 2020


  1. Triggered abilities that only trigger once per round (Crystal Maiden, Tidehunter) or once per two rounds (Ogre Magi) now show a cooldown number.
  2. Glossary clarification for Quickstrike: It only works in the combat phase.
  3. Added Glossary entry for Root.
  4. Replaced references to displace with push.


  1. Dragon Knight’s Corrosive Breath no longer gets destroyed by your own Demagicking Mauls.
  2. Fixed a bug with DK where his corrosive breath wouldn’t apply to allies when attacked.
  3. Morphling Whelp can now copy devour from Ravenous Mass.
  4. Back for More checks for an allied hero in the fountain to cast.
  5. Fixed Sapphire Archon reference to Blink Scroll.
  6. Items purchased into overdraw now leave overdraw before the card or cards drawn at the start of the round.
  7. The speed timer setting in private lobbies is now a little bit longer, and waits for animations before counting down.
  8. Artic Burn now specifies that it is Cross Lane.
  9. Body modifications unlocks in tier 3.