Update June 19, 2020

Hero Draft

  1. Changed hero draft deck generation algorithm so that each color has a weighting for roughly how many creeps, enchantments, and spells should be added to the randomized portion of the deck; for example blue heroes will tend to bring more spells or enchantments while green heroes will tend to bring more creeps.
  2. The number of cards of each color in hero draft decks is now strictly proportional to the color distribution of your heroes. For instance, running 2 red and 3 green heroes will yield a 14 red and 21 green card deck, including hero signature cards.


  1. Rebalanced Mission 10 (Roseleaf) in the campaign.
  2. Added a new standalone PvE challenge: "Oops! All Meepos".
  3. Meepos are like cockroaches. If you see one you know you have an infestation on your hands. All heroes in the player’s deck are Meepo.


  1. Added a visible timer to deployment and shopping phases.
  2. Reduced timer lengths for deployment and shopping phases. They were very long because no visuals were hooked up yet.
  3. Added a disconnection timer. If a player loses connection they are given 3 minutes to reconnect and then they lose the game. Slowly regrows back to 3 minutes after they reconnect.
  4. Improved bot deployment decisions. The bot thought it was playing 1.0 during hero deployment and has been informed that it is now playing beta 2.0.
  5. Fixed some players receiving duplicate heroes.


  1. Added Blink Scroll settings to private lobby. Supports rewarding them at half tower health, tower destruction, or not at all.
  2. Card Collection text search results now include referenced cards.

Card Text

  1. Removed misleading text that stated Kanna’s Bringer of Conquest ability was an After Combat effect. It has no interaction with Fractured Timeline.
  2. Changed Lina’s Fiery Soul to clarify that it triggers from the first plays in her lane, not "this" lane. If she changes lanes after triggering the effect, it can’t be triggered again until off cooldown.


  1. Sven’s unlock order increased from 0 to 1.
  2. Legion Commander’s unlock order decreased from 1 to 0.
  3. Color-swapped Arc Warden makes color-matched clones.
  4. Spell Steal copies charges from the stolen card, previously it only made a base copy.
  5. Meepo’s Poof now targets empty positions (or its own) instead of by lane.
  6. Vendetta now only moves to a blocked combat position and updates state based effects between moving and sneak attacking.
  7. Ravenhook now can target any enemy hero in lane, rather than just adjacent heroes.
  8. Abilities that trigger when damage is dealt no longer trigger if the damage is fully prevented. Think Ursa / Clear the Deck / Iron Sharpens Iron vs Unbreakable Column or Damage Immunity. They do still trigger if the damage is not prevented but is dealt to armor.
  9. Fractured Timeline no longer stops Earthshaker’s Rocks from dying.
  10. Aftershock affects the lane instead of adjacent enemies.
  11. Conspiracy of Ravens now triggers on unit kill.
  12. Creeps bounced by Doppelganger now go to the hand with 1 Lock.
  13. Overpower is no longer able to damage towers.
  14. In lanes 1 & 3 on the opening flop, you may now deploy into any of the 5 positions rather than just the middle 3.

The Omexe Arena changed to

  1. Red 3.
  2. Enchant Tower.
  3. Aura: Allied heroes in the center slot have rapid deployment.
  4. Unlock Order: 1.

Watchtower changed to

  1. Blue 2.
  2. Enchant Tower.
  3. Play Effect: Copy a random card from your deck. It is blue, ephemeral, and can only be played from this lane.
  4. When your opponent plays a non-item card in this lane, repeat this effect.
  5. Unlock Order: 2.

Veteran’s Insight changed to

  1. Red 3.
  2. Tower Enchantment.
  3. Aura: Allies randomly gain +1 Attack, Armor, or Health after dealing battle damage.

Added card

  1. In Full Bloom.
  2. Green 4.
  3. Tower enchantment.
  4. Mulch.
  5. Round Start: Give Allied units +1 temporary health.

Added card

  1. Plague Hex.
  2. Black 3.
  3. Tower enchantment.
  4. Aura: Allied units in this lane have "Death effect: Give a random surviving enemy unit +1 Decay until their next combat".


  1. Fixed a bug where chat was disabled in constructed games.
  2. The level up notification now shows your correct level.
  3. Fixed a bug where some keyboard inputs would unintentionally make you pass your turn.
  4. Spring the Trap only plays effects for Centaur Poachers that get summoned into the lane.
  5. Playing an additional No Hesitation in a lane initiates full combat and After Combat effects, not just the After Combat effects.
  6. Overpower no longer crashes the game if the caster dies mid-resolution (e.g. taking lethal retaliate damage).
  7. If a Doppelganger bounces a rooted unit, the unit now in fact bounces, rather than both sticking around in the same spot.