Update June 22, 2020


  1. Tightened matchmaking parameters.
  2. The player’s deck in "Oops! All Meepos" has been retuned.
  3. Glossary tweaks based on feedback.

Card Text

  1. Watchtower now correctly specifies that it triggers from your opponent’s spells and enchantments.
  2. Clarified wording wording on Dragon Tail. The stun and damage apply to the same adjacent enemy.


Vanessa has a new passive ability

  1. Overcharged Artificer.
  2. Equipped items give Vanessa +1 to the relevant attribute.
  3. Items equipped by Vanessa have a maximum of 1 cooldown.

Rubick’s Spell Steal changed to

  1. Blue 1.
  2. Put a copy of the last non-item card your opponent played into your hand. That card is blue, ephemeral, and costs 1 less.
  3. Quickcast.

Rubick’s Telekinesis changed to

  1. Swap an enemy to another position up to three slots away.
  2. Cross Lane.
  3. Quickcast.

Pierpont has a new passive ability

  1. Expose the Truth.
  2. Pierce.
  3. Pierpont has +1 Attack per revealed card in opponent’s hand.
  4. Meepos that die to Soulbound in the combat phase no longer die until all 3 lanes resolve.
  5. Wraithfire Blast can no longer target friendly units.
  6. Watchtower no longer makes the cards generated ignore the lane the caster is in.


  1. The timer no longer shows just before going to the shopping phase.
  2. The Hunger should (once again) be locked unless you’ve beaten the starter campaign.
  3. The maximum number of enchantments per tower is now 5, matching the visual display.