Update June 23, 2020


  1. Multicasting a color swapped card now gives you a card of that color, rather than the card’s base color.
  2. Aghanim’s Sanctum now shows whether or not it has been used this turn.
  3. Repeatable spells, Spell Steal, and Void Theft no longer use overdraw.


  1. Hero death effects, such as Lady Anshu’s Devoted Disciple passive, no longer trigger when the hero is being replaced in the deployment phase.
  2. Summoned token units, such as Horn of the Alpha’s Thunderhide Pack, now devour other units in The Hunger.
  3. Fixed a bug where Meepo would occasionally not animate to the correct combat position during Poof.
  4. The Tyler Estate no longer triggers itself when played.
  5. Fixed right clicking on avatar image in chat causing chat to scroll up.
  6. Fixed a crash caused by Dark Rift moving to an empty lane.
  7. Fixed a crash on Mac.