Update June 26, 2020


  1. Matchmaking now prefers not to match you with your previous opponent, although it can happen if you’re searching long enough.

Card Text

  1. Most cards with a condition are now written in "Condition, Action" ordering.
  2. Standardized some terminology when referring to distance and positions.
  3. Many small fixes.


  1. Blink Scrolls are now awarded on tower destruction by default rather than at half health.
  2. Fixed a bug where Spell Steal copying a card whose mana cost had been changed would result in a card with the wrong mana cost in your hand.
  3. Repeatable spells (Culling Blade, Death Pulse, and cards copied by Multicast) now only trigger "card played" effects on the first copy and not when repeated.
  4. Couriers are no longer tower enchantments, don’t trigger "card played" abilities, and can’t be stolen by Spell Steal or Void Theft, bringing them closer in-line to the expected eventual functionality (just a game rule).
  5. Multicast now resolves before your hand refills from overdraw.
  6. Coup de Grace now discards a random non-item card rather than any card.
  7. Doppelganger renamed to Homunculus.
  8. Removed +2 attack bonus on Arclight Elemental.
  9. Rend Armor has been removed from the set.

Helm of the Dominator

  1. Cost 20 -> 25.


  1. Telekinesis now is crosslane for the pickup and the drop.
  2. Unlock order 1 -> 4.


  1. Ravage cooldown 5 -> 4.


  1. Stats 3/7 -> 3/6.


  1. Units deployed by card effects like Back For More now show the correct combat previews.
  2. Fixed a bug preventing players from automatically passing after timing out in the hero ordering draft phase.
  3. Fixed human names sometimes being displayed as Bot.
  4. Combat preview no longer expects units that die to quickstrike to live long enough to regenerate.
  5. Bristleback is no longer triggered by Exsanguinate.