Update July 8, 2021

Tuning & Improvements

  1. Increased likelihood of getting 2 or 3 EXO chips from an EXO Cache.
  2. Dynamite can now spawn on wrecked rovers and platform POIs.
  3. Increased server bandwidth limits, which should result in improved connection and load times on dedicated servers.
  4. Improved terrain performance on dedicated servers.


  1. The following is still a known issue as of version
  2. [AS-15682] There may still be some instances where mission objects don’t spawn on Vesania or Desolo, however, in these cases, the mission objectives should auto-complete to avoid being unable to complete the mission.
  3. [AS-15762] There are a few item and resource tooltips in the tutorial that are missing translations for non-English languages.
  4. The following bugs have been fixed as of version

Vehicle Missions

  1. [AS-15366] Vehicle Data Recorders and EXO Caches can now be blown up by dynamite that is not directly attached to it.
  2. [AS-15682] Players whose Data Recorders and MATs fail to spawn should now have their objective auto-complete to unstick their mission progress.
  3. [AS-15654] Updated some of the mission description text to make objective requirements clearer.
  4. [AS-15683] Hoverboard and VTOL now appear in the catalog with the explainer that Mission completion is required to unlock them.


  1. [AS-15256] Fixed a bug where objects would not be destroyed by dynamite if detonated with more than one piece of dynamite attached.
  2. [AS-15661] Fixed a bug in the hologram tooltips for Wolframite and Titanite, which incorrectly stated they were produced by a smelting furnace.
  3. [AS-15668] Fixed a spelling error in English in the mission objective for the "Through the Looking Glass" mission.
  4. [AS-15711, AS-15713] Fixed a bug where several mission descriptions and objectives were missing their non-English translations.
  5. [AS-15666, AS-15669, AS-15703] Fixed some resource translation errors across several languages.


  1. [AS-15599] Fixed an issue with the VTOL where the camera would clip through when landing on a non-terrain surface.
  2. [AS-15600] Fixed a bug where the VFX on the VTOL thrusters were slightly misaligned while flying.
  3. [AS-15602] Fixed the VTOL tooltip to be more centered on the VTOL object.
  4. [AS-15603] The VTOL can no longer take off when not on a planet.
  5. [AS-15635] Starting Medium printers now include the VTOL after it is unlocked.
  6. [AS-15659] The VTOL no longer floats in place after being deactivated while flying, and no longer loses all of its forward momentum when it falls.
  7. [AS-15660] Held inputs will now reset when a player exits the VTOL.