Update September 15, 2021

EXO F.A.R.M. Event

  1. Grab your fellow Astroneers and use your expertise to assist EXO Dynamics in the Fuel Acquisition, Renewal & Maintenance event! Seasonal Sturdysquash have sprouted in the solar system and it’s up to you to cultivate and harvest them. Combine their valuable produce inside unique Cauldrangea plants to create valuable biofuel to send to EXO.
  2. Find Wild Sturdysquash that can be harvested for their seeds on Sylva, Calidor, or Atrox; use these seeds to grow offspring that yield Sturdysquash Samples.
  3. Each of the featured planets have a unique variety of Wild Sturdysquash which yield different quantities of seeds.
  4. Sturdysquash Samples can be placed in Medium and Large Resource Canisters to keep your farms tidy.
  5. Locate Cauldrangea plants on Sylva, Calidor, or Atrox - but beware of the hazards that tend to grow nearby! Use the Cauldrangeas to produce one of three types of biofuel.
  6. Compass navpoints appear to indicate nearby Cauldrangea.
  7. Cauldrangea can be interacted with to cycle through their current biofuel recipe for production.
  8. Each of the featured planets have a unique variety of Cauldrangea with different production speeds.
  9. Different biofuels can be produced using different ingredients; the rarer the ingredients, the more the produced biofuel is worth:
  10. Squasholine: 15 Points.
  11. Sturdysquash Samples.
  12. Attapetrol: 35 Points.
  13. Sturdysquash Samples + Mutant Spiny Attactus Seeds.
  14. Noxothane: 50 Points.
  15. Sturdysquash Samples + Mutant Elegant Spewflower Seeds.

EXO Dynamics rewards biofuel contributions with

  1. 800 Points - Biofuel Throwback Bundle.
  2. Contains cosmetics rewarded from previous years:
  3. Hat: "Hallowed Helm".
  4. Visor: "Spooky".
  5. Visor: "Pumpkin".
  6. Visor: "Endless".
  7. Palette: "Spooky".
  8. 2400 Points - Emote: "Giddyup".
  9. 5600 Points - Cosmetic T4 Shelter Throwback: "PUM-KN Shelter".
  10. 8000 Points - Hat: "Honest Living".
  11. Useful incremental rewards are included along the way to bolster your harvesting capabilities. Randomized recurring rewards are available after completing the event - including QT-RTGs & EXO Chips! - for those who want to continue to produce biofuels.

Proximity Repeater

  1. A new activation item is available in the Catalog. Unlike other sensors and repeaters, the Proximity Repeater activates all items within its radius instead of requiring the use off segment pins. This makes it great for quick automation setups, or in cases where wired connections aren’t practical, such as planting seeds, scanning research items, or bulk packaging and unpackaging.
  2. Byte Cost: 700.
  3. Recipe: 1x Zinc.
  4. Printer: Small.

Trade Platform Updates

  1. The Trade Platform has received an overhaul to expand its capabilities - it also has a new look!
  2. The Trade Platform now allows players to trade Astronium for a variety of valuable items in addition to its previous Scrap trades.
  3. The control panel interface has received an update to allow for selecting between Scrap, Astronium, and their various trades items.
  4. The base model and associated rocket have been updated to bring them more in line with other EXO modules.
  5. Slotting system behavior has been updated to allow for better loading / unloading when coupled with platforms and storage.
  6. Minor text changes have been made to the description and Astropedia entry to tie this module less exclusively to Scrap.

Tutorial Removal

  1. The tutorial is no longer available and cannot be accessed from the Main Menu.
  2. The Achievement/Trophy "EXO Dynamics Training Seal of Approval" is now rewarded on completion of the mission "Printing Up". This has no effect on players who already earned this.
  3. Previously completing the "Printing Up" mission before this update will not unlock the Achievement/Trophy.  If you did not unlock the Achievement/Trophy for "EXO Dynamics Training Seal of Approval" by completing the tutorial, you would now need to complete the "Printing Up" mission to unlock it, even if you had previously done the mission before this update. This may require starting a new Adventure game.

Astropedia Update

  1. A new Astropedia page has been added explaining Damage, Respawning, and Retrieving Supplies.

Tether Toppers

  1. Fall harvest-themed decorations now automatically adorn your tether posts. Enjoy festive, glowing gourds as you trot across the landscape!

Steam Cloud Saves

  1. Steam Cloud Saves have been enabled allowing users to back up 10,000 files or 1GB (Whichever occurs first).

Store - New Items

New Bundle

Deep Space Diver

  1. Guiding Lite Hat.
  2. 3x3 Eye Mask.
  3. Abyss Palette.
  4. New Hat.
  5. Elementary.

New Mask

  1. Wheat Tweat.
  2. Grazers.

New Visors

  1. Hunter.

New Palettes

  1. Cutie Pink.
  2. Cutie Blue.
  3. Scarecrow.
  4. Denim Duds.


  1. All flora hazards now have a highlight state and tooltip information - not just the harmless versions.
  2. Harmless hazards can now be harvested directly through an action and don’t require players to unbury them.
  3. Seed despawn timers have been increased to ~10 minutes.
  4. Seeds can now be planted via sensors and repeaters, and without the need to manually place them on terrain.
  5. Sturdysquash Samples and biofuels produced from Cauldrangea can be researched in the Research Chamber for bytes.
  6. Small research sample items can now be scanned using sensors and repeaters.


The following is still a known issue as of version

  1. Hazards do not drop seeds or research samples when destroyed by a vehicle drill or paver.
  2. During the EXO F.A.R.M. event, some saves may experience duplicate Wild Sturdysquash spawns on Atrox.

The following bugs have been fixed as of version


  1. [AS-15777] Fixed a bug where the title for the "Well, That’s Weird" mission was not staying properly contained in its box within the mission log.
  2. [AS-16635] Fixed a bug where the care package page would be blank on the control panel of the EXO Request Platform after completing the main stage(s) of an event.
  3. [AS-16228] Added toast notifications when emotes are unlocked!
  4. [AS-6123] Updated some of the colors in the unlock text and background in the Catalog to make it more readable.


  1. [AS-15394] Fixed a bug where the hoverboard would sometimes appear rotated for clients.
  2. [AS-15503] Fixed a bug where clients would not see another client’s hoverboard after leaving relevance and returning.
  3. [AS-15188] Fixed a bug where clients in multiplayer would not see the tooltip on the Portable Oxygenator update correctly when the item was toggled between OFF and ON.
  4. [AS-15959] Fixed an issue where clients sometimes get transported to the Sylva core when landing on a planet.
  5. [AS-12043] Fixed a bug where the "Let Me Borrow This Just A Second" achievement/trophy was not unlocking properly in multiplayer for clients when the Research Chamber used was already running prior to placing an item in the chamber.


  1. [AS-16323] Fixed a bug where a mission objective was partially appearing in German when language is set to Dutch.
  2. [AS-15119] [AS-16188] Fixed an issue that caused the description for the "In an Astroneer’s Garden" achievement/trophy to be inconsistent (and in some cases, inaccurate) between languages.
  3. [AS-15825] Fixed an issue where a mission objective had a resource incorrectly translated in Simplified Chinese.
  4. [AS-15719] Fixed a bug that caused the description for the "Through the Looking Glass" mission to not be translated in several languages.
  5. [AS-15729] Fixed an issue for Xbox and UWP users where the warning text that appears when trying to connect to a non-preferred server was too long to be fully read in Russian.


  1. [AS-15534] Fixed a bug where terrain in the Thawed Biome on Glacio was sometimes appearing in the wrong color shade.
  2. [AS-15871] Fixed an issue where the print preview for the Large Resource Canister was out of sync with the actual print job.
  3. [AS-15807] Fixed a bug where the backpack printer could become broken after clicking on a resource hologram while it was being consumed by the printer.
  4. [AS-11902] Fixed a bug where scrap could be removed from the Trade Platform via auto arm while the rocket was being launched.
  5. [AS-15591] Hissbines should now respect the "Invisible to hazards" setting in Creative mode.
  6. Updated Laterite and Quartz entries in Astropedia to clarify that they are found in caves.


  1. [AS-15833] Fixed a crash that occurred in save provided to us by a player when they were approaching a gateway. The crash will no longer occur and the save should now be usable again.


  1. [AS-9357] Fixed a bug where the "EXO Dynamics Solar System Mastery" Trophy had a typo in the title.