Update v7.33

  1. Improvements made to -lowmemorymode to use async loading, resulting in less freezy load times.
  2. Added -nosound launch command.
  3. Added -noinlinestreamer launch command.
  4. Server-side crash fixes and stability improvements. Resulting in approximately 40% more stable servers, with additional changes to come!
  5. Reduced Army of the Damned ships spawn rate by 60%.
  6. Reduced Army of the Damned ship HP per level scaling by 20%.
  7. Reduced Army of the Damned ship Aggro range by 10%.
  8. Boosted Army of the Damned ship loot quality by 10%.
  9. Reduced Flotsam spawn rate by 35%.
  10. Increased Treasuremap item quality by 15%.
  11. Eliminated at-sea increased rate of vitamin/vitals consumption. Now it just causes food to spoil faster, and temperatures to drop.
  12. Increased vitamin equilibrium range to +/- 20% rather than 10% (making it easier to achieve and stay in equilibrium).
  13. Decreased vitamin deficiency debuff threshold to 10% rather than 20%.
  14. Reduced base rate of vitamin consumption by 2%.
  15. Ensured army of the damned ships spawn farther away from shore, and don’t spawn too near player ships.
  16. Fixed Diving Platform to take any oils, not just blubber.
  17. Changed Lighthouse HP to 25k, gave it stone structure settings, and allow it to burn oil.
  18. Vultures will no longer erroneously target players they can’t hit.
  19. Army of the Damned Ships will no longer initially aggro to drydocked or anchored ships, unless fired upon by them or already targeting them.
  20. Added one more Skill Point earned by all level-ups above 10 (recommend players Respec).