Update v104.73

  1. Magic Mythos is now enabled on Official Servers: bonus 2x Harvest, XP, and Taming rates for the weekend.
  2. Further optimisations for bUseNewStructureFoundationSupportChecks.
  3. Reduced the maximum and minimum amount of experience which can be earned via execution.
  4. Crafting Bonus on items is now capped at 60% on Official Servers.
  5. Any character which was above level 100 will now be reverted to level 100.
  6. One time character respec for any character that had their XP reduced back to 100.
  7. One time destruction of all crafted items with a crafting bonus of over 60% on Official Servers.
  8. Grappling Hook 3rd Person view is now offset to the side when aiming.
  9. New server Game.ini configs:
  10. [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode].
  11. RemoveItemsOverCraftingSkillBonus = 0.6.
  12. MaximumCraftingSkillBonus = 0.6.
  13. OldPlayerDataMaxXP = 2956920.0.
  14. The above config options can be used to to cap the crafting skill bonus, destroy any items over the crafting skill bonus, and reduce player max experience to value on load.