Update v207.2

  1. Enabled Ship Structure Weight to the item tooltip.
  2. Fixed a client crash caused by crop plots.
  3. Giant Tortuga: Added step damage to prevent getting stuck on trees. Increased step height to prevent getting stuck on small obstacles and helps to more easily get out of water. Decreased tail swing range as attack missed at old max range.
  4. Fixed combat state not being unset with gamepad.
  5. Fixed displayed ingredient requirements for Unthinkable Delicacy.
  6. notable differences:
  7. 25 animal meat -> 10 cooked prime meat.
  8. 10 Magic Marrow -> 10 Mythos.
  9. added 50 hunger requirement to feat description - Updated Cargo container and Dinghy hangar to respect activation rank.
  10. Updated Shipyards and Scaffolding to respect activation rank.
  11. Server option to force disable structure prevention volumes.
  12. Server Launch params:
  13. ?DisableStructurePreventionVolumes=true.
  14. or in GameUserSettings.ini.
  15. [ServerSettings].
  16. DisableStructurePreventionVolumes=true.