Update v207.91

  1. Torpedo Damage reduced by 45%.
  2. Boats will no longer sink when overweighted or overcrewed if they are anchored.
  3. Settlement Mode: Claim Flags now appear on the World Map for the grid region you’re currently on.
  4. Submarines docked on hangars now retain their colour after server restarts.
  5. Prevented firing from gunports if the gunport has not fully opened. This is to resolve crews being dismounted as they were blocked for firing too soon.
  6. Quest skills are blacked out with a silhouette when not learned.
  7. Cocoa can now be crafted properly in irrigated grills.
  8. Fixed FPV reload animation playing when switching from TPV to FPV with the Crossbow.
  9. Fixed an issue where servers that were running for more than 4 days consecutively without reboot would have choppy water on the client.