Update v207.95

  1. Increase torpedo ammo weight to 12.
  2. Increase the torpedo launcher weight to 240.
  3. Reduced the weight bonus torpedo launcher receives from closed gunports to 20%.
  4. Bola CC duration reduced to 6 seconds on players.
  5. Bola release time now reduced to 0.5 seconds when removing it from a player.
  6. Torpedo crafting costs updated. Reduced by approximately 20% and updated metal to require 2 types of ingots. Mythos requirement unchanged.
  7. Flame damage now eliminates ballista harpoons.
  8. Improved server performance on Golden Age grids as AoD enemies will only be networked to clients once they’ve awoken.
  9. Ballista Harpoon reload time has increased.
  10. 2x Magic Mythos is now active with bonus rates for Harvesting, XP, Taming, and Gold.