Update v211.21

  1. Disabling the "Give Default Pathfinder Items" Option will now properly hide any cosmetic skins you’ve purchased or unlocked when you fast-travel/respawn (requires fast-travel/respawn to see the change if you toggle that option).
  2. Fixed Kraken sweeping players off their ships when the ships are knocked back.
  3. Improved client performance when numerous players are nearby.
  4. Wheel Skins now work for singleplayer/host.
  5. Sunken Ship Treasure now shows you the Loot Quality at the water surface effect via floating text.
  6. Added a new Quest: loot a 16 quality or higher sunken treasure to get the new Crab Wheel Skin.
  7. Added Shark Wheel Skin to the "Master Cartographer" Quest (get any more Discovery Zones to unlock it if you’ve already completed that quest).
  8. Added Kraken Wheel Skin to the "Power of the Gods" Quest (Beat the Hard Kraken again to unlock it if you’ve already completed that quest).
  9. Improved the weighting of Sunken Treasure by overall making higher quality treasure about 50% more likely to be generated, as well as boosting the max quality of sunken treasure by 15%.
  10. Magic Mythos 2x is enabled on the Official Network: 2x Taming, XP and Harvest Rates.