Update v315.4

  1. Removed the speed stat from speed sails to avoid confusion. This will be revisited further during Phase 1 of our development cycle after Xbox crossplay launch.
  2. Increased mortar damage against ships and ship structures by 30%.
  3. Lanterns now last 20% longer.
  4. Rifle shooting range now correctly matches view distance.
  5. Increased fish-catching speed by 15%.
  6. Make musical buffs last 50% longer.
  7. Throwing knife damage increased by 30%.
  8. Crop growth speed increased by 25%.
  9. Increased durability of hydra revolver by 30%.
  10. Increased durability of grapple by 20%.
  11. Reduce crafting times of intermediate materials (alloys, paste etc) by 20%.
  12. Icebox thermal insulation increased by 33%.
  13. Increased pike damage by 25%.
  14. Fixed the description of skills (target soft spots and target weaknesses) from two handed pike to mac.
  15. Removed the INT stat from armour.
  16. Doubled creature INT (Dolphins and Crows).
  17. Reduced the weights of the following ship-related items.
  18. Ship Weight Reduction to 1: Rope Ladder, Wood Ladder, Chair, Table, Grill, Cooking Pot.

Other weight changes

  1. Water Barrel (1 when empty, 19 when full).
  2. Steering Wheel weight reduced to 12.