Update v400.38

  1. Fixed a spelling error on the Plunder Skill description.
  2. The cursor is now kept in place when navigating full folders.
  3. Fixed craftables not showing in folders in the hand-craftable view of the UI.
  4. R3 will now swap inventories in the UI when looking at two inventories (ie: a storage box) to switch to the first item in the other inventory.
  5. Double-tapping A on any item in the Trade UI will no longer open the cancel UI.
  6. Level limit no longer applies in Freeports on non-dedicated session modes.
  7. The last search-strings on all Inventory Menu search bars will now be saved.
  8. Fixed the ability to use emotes whilst dancing.
  9. Added one more crew by default to a sloop.
  10. Increased non-dedicated tether range.
  11. Non-Dedicated Servers will now allow you to receive resources when demolishing structures on an anchored boat.
  12. Added attenuation distance to Dive-Into-Water sounds.
  13. Net fishing sounds adjusted to only play locally.
  14. Increased Net Fishing speed threshold by 25%.
  15. Fixed various stalls on Xbox and cases which would cause the Xbox’ FPS to drop and the game to stutter (we are still looking into more cases of this).
  16. Removed the range-limit on voice chat for non-dedicated sessions.
  17. Fixed a stereo audio bug which would cause players not to hear each other.
  18. Players are able to fast travel to and from a ship that the host is not standing on in non-dedi (so long as the fast-travel destination is within tether-range).
  19. Increased the collision size of dropped bags. (You should now be able to pick up bags more easily when they are dropped on top of a bed etc).
  20. Server ping 0 now hidden when you are the host.
  21. Fixed a bug where the targeting cursor wouldn’t disappear after your ship was sunk.
  22. Enemy pirate ships now display a sink percentage.
  23. Prevented enemy pirate NPC’s from fleeing.
  24. Wild elephants now have 3x resistance.
  25. Stone Wild Pirate Camp doors are now wooden.
  26. HDR mode for Xbox One X now enabled (looking at PC implementation soon).
  27. Optimized ship position callouts for Wild Pirate Encampments.
  28. Fixed a bug which would cause Non Dedi clients to get into a broken state when fast-travelling to a bed in stasis.
  29. Presssing Y on gamepad when an editbox is highlighted will now clear the editbox.
  30. AOD Armor icon colorization fixed.
  31. Atlantean cloth armor icon fixes.
  32. Atlantean heavy icon colorization fixes.
  33. Cyclops heavy icon fixes.