Update v400.40

  1. Cyclops Heavy Boot and Hat Icon Fix.
  2. Hydra Hide Glove Icon Fix.
  3. Commander outfit torso colorization.
  4. When claiming a Wild Pirate Camp, the flag will now show the company flag painting.
  5. Painting a wild pirate camp flag will set the company flag painting.
  6. [XBOX SPECIFIC] Fixed a crash caused by vivox/parties in non-dedicated servers.
  7. [XBOX SPECIFIC] Fixed a bug caused by vivox/parties which would cause the fps to degrade over time.
  8. Fixed an issue where searching for remote inventory text would then populate that saved text in all search fields after opening inventories twice.
  9. Fixed issue where players no longer gained EXP on freeports.
  10. [GAMEPAD SPECIFIC] On the captain’s wheel, X shall toggle gunports (no longer RB).
  11. [GAMEPAD SPECIFIC] On the captain’s wheel, if RB or LB are held, X shall not toggle gunports (should activate the hotbar/feat entry instead).
  12. [GAMEPAD SPECIFIC] On the captain’s wheel, add Lower/Raise anchor to VIEW action wheel, so that captains can use anchor.