Update v406.7

New Map created

  1. Centralized Golden Age islands for a clearer path to completing the compass.
  2. Centralized high-density servers to reduce the distance/sail time between conflict areas.
  3. Updated mineral foliage on islands so its no longer tied to plant biomes.
  4. Removed most unique discoveries to reduce the grind of getting to the max level cap.

Economy Balance Updates

  1. Army of Dead on Golden Age Islands gold drops reduced by 62%.
  2. Island Claim upkeep costs reduced by about 75%.
  3. NPC Crew upkeep costs reduced by 84% on land.
  4. NPC Crew upkeep on sea reduced by about half.

Other changes

  1. Army of Dead Treasure Guards has been made significantly easier for low-quality treasure maps.
  2. Updated early game XP curve so you don’t immediately level.
  3. Moved skill point gains to be more generous in lower levels and level off in later levels.
  4. Army of Dead on Golden Age Islands XP rewards reduced by 60%.
  5. Addressed some resource issues.
  6. Fixed several foliage and resource issues.