Update v411.1

New Feature: Sea Forts

  1. Sea Forts are a form of Control Points that give Companies control over trading in an area. This system is foundational for the upcoming Trade System.

Sea Forts have automated defenses that will respawn over time when neutral

  1. Players have a limited number of build points (100) to spend on a Sea Fort they own.
  2. Currently only Defense Towers may be built (15 pts each).

On PVP Servers, they may be captured and controlled!

  1. To capture them, destroy the defenses and plant a flag inside the central tower.
  2. The flag takes 25 minutes to force an owned Fort return to neutral.
  3. The flag takes 10 minutes to capture on a neutral Fort.
  4. Sea Forts in Freeport Servers may not be captured.

In an upcoming patch, Sea Forts will allow access through a server for Trading

  1. You will be able to grant or restrict access to Allies or other Companies.
  2. Access to a Sea Fort is required for you to have trade routes that travel through a server!

Sea Forts may have a Tax Bank built on them

  1. The Tax Bank can be raided for gold. Neutral points have the Tax Bank as well.
  2. NOTE: Until trading starts, they aren’t actually earning any gold, so the Bank is empty.
  3. Tax Banks will allow companies to tax Trade Routes that use their Fort for access.
  4. Neutral Forts will have a high tax rate and allow everyone access to a server.


  1. Added the Ship Salesman’s Island to the center of each Freeport Grid.
  2. NOTE: Ships are not yet available for purchase. They will be added in a future update.
  3. Added Sea Fort Islands to the map. 1-4 exist on every server except the center.


  1. Increased maximum Ship level from 52 to 60.
  2. Adjusted Ship XP curve to increase the amount of XP required for early levels and greatly reduce the amount of XP required for later levels.
  3. Overall, this change reduces the total amount of XP required to reach max level.

Added Gold cost for crafting Ships in a Shipyard

  1. Schooner: 50 Gold.
  2. Brigantine: 250 Gold.
  3. Galleon: 500 Gold.
  4. NOTE: These costs will increase when the trade system has been fully implemented.


Defense Towers may be built at the Smithy

  1. May only be placed at Sea Forts.
  2. Requires Advanced Automation Skill from the Construction Tree.

Added Fuel Slot to Farmhouse and Warehouse

  1. Dedicated slot holds up to 1,000 units of Fuel.
  2. This slot is separate from the main inventory.
  3. Burns a unit of fuel at the following intervals:
  4. Oil: 350 seconds.
  5. Coal: 200 seconds.
  6. Wood: 100 seconds.
  7. Thatch: 40 seconds.


  1. Changed delay before using newly placed land artillery to 10 minutes.
  2. This affects Cannons, Large Cannons, Catapults, Puckles, Ballistas, Mortars, and Swivel Guns.
  3. Bug Fix: Cannons can no longer be fired underwater.


  1. Removed XP reward from all bosses including the Abominable Snowman, Kraken, Hydra, Drake, Ghost Ship, and Blackwood’s Queen Cobra.
  2. Removed Gold drops from Kraken, Squids, Army of the Damned Soldiers, fishing, and digging. The trade system will become the way to earn gold.
  3. Bug Fix: Driving a Cargo Cart over a Pillar will no longer cause the rider to dismount.
  4. Bug Fix: If a Ceiling Tile is placed on top of a Pillar and then destroyed, any object built on the Ceiling Tile will also be destroyed.