Update v513.8

New Feature: Markets

  1. A new Market structure has been added.
  2. Markets must be connected to a nearby Warehouse to function.
  3. The Warehouse must be connected to a Farmhouse for full functionality.
  4. The Warehouse acts as a repository for trading resources for the Market.
  5. Trade Routes may be created between Markets.
  6. Preferences for Resource Trading may be set on the Markets.
  7. Markets DO NOT currently Trade.
  8. Markets trading is in testing and bug fixing and will come with a later patch.
  9. Trading will be automated based on preferences set on the Market.
  10. A successful trade will generate some amount of Gold Coins.
  11. Markets have 150k health and are difficult to destroy.
  12. Crafting a market requires the Advanced Automation skill from the construction tree and may be done at a Smithy.
  13. Some Trade and Market tuning values are configurable for private servers.

Sea Forts

  1. Updated the terrain of the Sea Fort island.
  2. Simple cosmetic updates to the look of Sea Fort structures (this art is still a placeholder).
  3. Adjusted respawn times for some structures on Sea Forts (walls still respawn quickly).
  4. Made some Sea Fort tuning values configurable for private servers.
  5. Updated data on the map about Sea Forts (owner and tax rate are shown).
  6. Now only shown when zoomed in.
  7. Performance while map is open should be improved.
  8. Increased Defense Tower’s damage resistance.
  9. Explosion Damage Received: 100% → 70%.
  10. Explosive Barrel Damage Received: 100% → 10.5%.
  11. Catapult Boulder Damage Received: 100% → 28%.
  12. Ballista Damage Received: 100% → 7%.
  13. Added immunity to melee attacks and liquid flame.
  14. Modified Tower Wall’s damage resistance to match Defense Tower.
  15. Explosion Damage Received: 31% → 70%.
  16. Explosive Barrel Damage Received: 31% → 10.5%.
  17. Increased damage dealt by Defense Towers.
  18. Explosion Damage: 100 → 250.
  19. Direct Damage: 180 → 500.
  20. Bug Fix: Sea Forts can no longer be captured on PVE servers.
  21. Bug Fix: Players will no longer spawn on Sea Forts.


  1. Bug Fix: The map no longer flickers.
  2. Bug Fix: Warehouses can no longer be placed on ships.