Update v514.3


  1. Connected trade routes will now automatically trade between each other.
  2. Every few minutes a Market will look for a potential trade.
  3. Prioritizes Trade Routes in order.
  4. Prioritizes Trade Offers in order.
  5. When both Markets in a Trade Route have compatible Offers, a Trade is initiated.


  1. Market A and B have a Trade Route.
  2. Market A offers 1 Lightwood for every 2.0 Thatch.
  3. Market B offers 1 Root for everying 0.4 Wood.
  4. If Market A tries to find a trade, they can find one for 1 Lightwood for every 2.25 Thatch.
  5. If both Warehouses have enough resources, the shipment is created.
  6. Trade Offers remain active after use, and can be part of more trades as long as there are enough resources in the Warehouse.
  7. Currently all shipments are virtual and do not generate Trading Ships that can be attacked. (This is in testing and iteration and expected in a later patch).


  1. Reduced the output of crafting Gunpowder from 2 to 1.
  2. Reduced the output of crafting Blasting Powder from 2 to 1.


  1. Updated the Structure Settings on the Market to be Reinforced Stone.
  2. This gives Markets increased damage resistance.
  3. Bug Fix: Added back the ability to connect Markets to Warehouses via interaction wheel (they should still auto connect if placed near each other).


  1. Adjusted weight of many resources.
  2. Reduced the weight of Gold Coins by 50%.
  3. Reduced the weight of Gems by 75%.
  4. Reduced the weight of Wood by 40%.
  5. Reduced the weight of Sap by 60%.
  6. Reduced the weight of Crystals by 60%.
  7. Reduced the weight of Metal by 33%.
  8. Increased the weight of Oil by 2x.
  9. Increased the weight of Fiber by 8x.
  10. Increased the weight of Flint by 2.4x.
  11. Increased the weight of Keratanoid by 5x.
  12. Increased the weight of Gunpowder by 1.5x.
  13. Increased the weight of Organic Paste by 2x.
  14. Increased the weight of Fire Gel by 2.5x.
  15. Increased the weight of Blasting Powder by 2.5x.

Sea Forts

  1. Reduced the radius inside Sea Forts for claiming from 2.5 to 1.5 meters.
  2. Increased Max Tax rate for Sea Forts from 30% to 50%.
  3. Sea Forts added to D8.
  4. Sea Fort Taxes can now be set via 10% stepped increments in a Set Tax Wheel Submenu.
  5. Sea Fort structures no longer respawn when an enemy is nearby.


  1. Increased Gold cost for crafting ships.
  2. Schooner: 50 Gold → 5,000 Gold.
  3. Brigantine: 250 Gold → 25,000 Gold.
  4. Galleon: 500 Gold → 50,000 Gold.


  1. Reduced Placement Prevention Radius of Warehouse from 800m to 600m.
  2. This increases amount of warehouses that can fit in an area by about 75%.
  3. We’re looking at how to best allow multiple companies to have warehouses nearby in the future.
  4. Reduced Transport Radius of Warehouse from 500m to 450m.


  1. Increased the max stack size of Cannon Balls from 50 to 100.
  2. Bug Fix: Explosive Barrels can no longer deal damage in Freeports.
  3. Bug Fix: Stack size for Fuel items in Warehouse and Farmhouse inventory is no longer affected by the Fuel Slot stack size.