Update v515.17

New Structure: Armored Dock

  1. The Armored Dock is a structure built in shallow water to dock a ship inside of. It must be destroyed before the ship can be damaged. This Alpha version of the Armored Dock is still in progress and not fully functional! Be warned!
  2. Smaller Armored Docks are coming in future patches along with bug fixes, balance changes, and polish.
  3. Added Large Armored Dock to the Seamanship Tree under the Expert Shipwright skill.
  4. Has 300,000 health and is an Armored Structure, giving it increased resistance to explosive damage.
  5. Costs 500 Gold upkeep per day (This will be reduced to 150 gold in the next patch).

Explosive Barrels

  1. Explosive Barrels can no longer be fired from Cannons or Large Cannons (may still be fired from Catapults).
  2. Added 80 Gold cost for crafting Explosive Barrels.

Sea Forts

  1. Duplicated some flag interactions onto the Sea Fort Tax Bank.
  2. Fixed some stuck interactions with the Sea Fort Tax Bank.


  1. Increased resistance to explosive damage by 40% for Large Stone Walls, Large Stone Gateways, and Large Stone Gates.
  2. Weight of placed Catapults increased from 120 to 150.

Trade Log

  1. Fixed issues where Trade Log incorrectly reflects what was sent and received.
  2. Fixed an issue where sender and receiver were swapped in Trade Log.
  3. Added resources received from Trade Events to Trade Log.
  4. Fixed some scrolling issues with Trade Log.

Trade Shipments

  1. Fixed an issue where resources were received twice from one trade.
  2. Fixed multiple issues where incorrect amounts of resources were received.
  3. Fixed multiple issues with Shipments getting stuck, eventually causing performance issues.
  4. Fixed the amount of Income (Gold) generated by Trade routes. It should now correctly reflect the route’s length.
  5. Updated some virtual shipment server settings.


  1. Markets must now be within 22m of a Warehouse to connect.
  2. Fixed an issue where Markets and Warehouses could not connect.
  3. Fixed some issues where editing Trade Offers would create mismatched information between the server and the client and break those offers.
  4. Added new Trade Route statuses to replace PENDING:
  5. SENT: Trade Route requests you have made that are pending.
  6. RECEIVED: Trade Route requests other Markets have made to you.
  7. Cleaned up some Market interface interactions.


  1. Removed XP reward from all Golden Age Army of the Damned Soldiers.
  2. Added 10 second cooldown to gliding after crossing server borders.