Update v516.2

New Structure: Small Armored Dock

  1. The Small Armored Dock is suitable for protecting Schooners and Sloops. It can be crafted at a Smithy after learning the Intermediate Shipwright Skill in the Seamanship tree.
  2. Health: 20,000,000.
  3. Upkeep Cost: 50 Gold every 24 hours.
  4. Crafting resources required:
  5. 700 Alloy.
  6. 900 Fiber.
  7. 4,000 Stone.
  8. 1,000 Thatch.
  9. 1,250 Wood.
  10. 10,000 Gold.

Large Armored Dock

  1. Increased health from 300,000 to 30,000,000.
  2. Decreased upkeep cost from 500 to 150 Gold every 24 hours.
  3. Added 50,000 Gold cost for crafting.

Armored Dock

  1. NPCs and Tames on protected ships can no longer be damaged.
  2. Added a new protected icon that replaces the anchor icon above protected ships.
  3. Ships can now anchor inside an Armored Dock even if the Dock is placed in deep water.
  4. Ships must not have received or dealt damage for at least five minutes before receiving protection from an Armored Dock.
  5. Bug Fix: Armored Docks can now only protect one ship at a time.
  6. Bug Fix: Ships are no longer protected after an Armored Dock is destroyed.
  7. Bug Fix: Protected ships will no longer decay. This prevents an issue where protected ships instantly sink when raising their anchor after a long period of time.


  1. Brigantine price decreased from 25,000 to 18,000 Gold.
  2. Increased max level of common ships from 42 to 50.
  3. NOTE: This change only applies to ships built after the patch.


  1. Markets Searching now returns a paged list instead of all Markets. This should clear up the performance hit on the server when someone opens a Market.
  2. Added new resource types for Trading:
  3. Rushes (missing from Thatch).
  4. Oil Category and variants.
  5. Salt Category and variants.
  6. Consumables:
  7. Wheat.
  8. Maize.
  9. Ale.
  10. Grog.
  11. Others.
  12. Cannon Balls.
  13. Large Cannon Balls.
  14. Gunpowder.
  15. Fire Gel.
  16. Blasting Powder.
  17. Organic Paste.
  18. Fertilizer.
  19. Bug Fix: Addressed several server issues that led to increased latency.
  20. Bug Fix: Trade Routes are now correctly calculating distance when the shortest path wraps around the map border.
  21. Bug Fix: Disconnected Markets are no longer shown as candidates in the Market List.


  1. Warehouses and Farmhouses can now only be enabled or disabled by players within the same company.
  2. Restored XP reward to standard Golden Age Army of the Damned Soldiers.
  3. NOTE: Golden Age Army of the Damned Soldiers in caves still don’t reward XP.
  4. Bug Fix: Treasure will no longer spawn on Sea Forts.