Update v517.5

New Ship: Ramming Galley

  1. Cost: 22,000 Gold.
  2. Weapons: 18 Standard Cannons, 2 forward-facing Large Cannons.
  3. Special Features: Rowers, Ram.
  4. Max Level: 60.
  5. Sail Points: 4.0.
  6. Repair Resource: Patch Kit.

New Item: Patch Kit

  1. The Patch Kit is a new item used for repairing the Ramming Galley. It can be crafted in the Smithy after learning the Shipwright skill in the Seamanship tree. To use, approach a damaged part of the Ramming Galley and use the Repair Hammer. Once the repair is complete, the Patch Kit will be consumed and the repaired component will have 1,000 health restored.
  2. Healing: 1,000.
  3. Crafting Resources: 100 Fiber, 120 Thatch, 200 Wood.

New Workstation: Kiln

  1. The Kiln is a new workstation used for rapidly creating coal out of wood. Add wood to the Kiln inventory and activate it, and it will burn one into coal every second. Kiln crafting is learned in the Secrets of Building skill in the Construction tree, and can be done at the Smithy.
  2. Crafting Resources: 500 Stone, 200 Flint, 25 Metal.

Winter Event

  1. Two new hat skins are available for purchase from the Freeport’s cosmetic vendor for a limited time.
  2. Santa Hat: 200 Gold.
  3. Top Hat: 200 Gold.
  4. Seven new items available for crafting at the Smithy for a limited time.
  5. Christmas Tree: Produces a random gift every 24 hours!
  6. Crafting Resources: 250 Wood, 200 Fiber, 250 Thatch.
  7. Festive Lights: A decoration that can be hung on walls.
  8. Crafting Resources: 20 Wood, 10 Thatch, 1 Metal.
  9. Holiday Gift: A festive variant of the Small Storage Box.
  10. Crafting Resources: 44 Wood, 40 Thatch, 15 Hide.
  11. Sleigh: A festive variant of the Wooden Chair.
  12. Crafting Resources: 100 Wood, 100 Thatch, 50 Fiber.
  13. Snowman: A new friend that can be placed on ships or floors.
  14. Crafting Resources: 2 Wood, 12 Coal, 1 Carrot, 50 Fiber, 30 Ice.
  15. Stocking: A decoration that can be hung on walls. Produces one Coal every five minutes.
  16. Crafting Resources: 40 Fiber, 30 Hide.
  17. Wreath: A decoration that can be hung on walls.
  18. Crafting Resources: 20 Fiber, 10 Wood, 20 Thatch.

Armored Docks

  1. Bug Fix: Gold upkeep status now only shown for the owning company.
  2. Bug Fix: Upkeep timer now correctly updated on the UI.
  3. Bug Fix: Ships in Armored Docks no longer stay protected after the owner of the Armored Dock or the ship changes.


  1. Market Logs now have paging, allowing all logs to be displayed for each Market.
  2. Bug Fix: Suspend and Unsuspend Market are now working correctly.