Update v519.5

New Structure: Lumberyard

  1. The Lumberyard is a farm that only gathers thatch and wood. It can be crafted at the Smithy after learning the Advanced Automation skill in the Construction & Mercantilism Tree.
  2. Shares placement restrictions with other Farmhouses.
  3. Gathers about 1/3 more wood and thatch than a regular Farmhouse.
  4. Crafting Resources: 800 Wood, 600 Thatch, 320 Fiber, 280 Metal, 100 Hide.

New Structure: Keg

  1. The Keg is a new storage container used to store alcohol. It can be crafted at the Smithy after learning the Secrets of Cooking skill in the Cooking & Farming Tree.
  2. All alcohol items can be stored in stacks of 50.
  3. Crafting Resources: 30 Fiber, 5 Metal, 50 Thatch, 60 Wood.

New Bow Ammo Type: Tranq Arrow

  1. Tranq Arrows are significantly more effective against tameable creatures.
  2. Players and NPCs are immune to Tranq Arrows.
  3. Crafting Resources: 1 Stone Arrow, 20 Berries.

New Keratinoid Resource: Rhino Horn

  1. Rhino Horns can now be obtained by defeating Rhinos.

Armored Docks

  1. Updated UI text on Armored Docks to clarify that only 1 Gold is consumed when the timer expires.
  2. Bug Fix: Armored Docks no longer stop working for a period of time after server restarts.
  3. Bug Fix: Armored Docks no longer consume all Gold in their inventory after server restarts.

Ramming Galley

  1. Added 75 Rhino Horns to cost.
  2. Base speed increased by 40%.
  3. Increased turn speed while sails are closed.
  4. Increased damage of all cannons on ship from 100% to 125%.
  5. Ramming NPC ships with the Ramming Galley now deals damage.
  6. Players can now swim through some large holes in the Ramming Galley after it sinks.
  7. Bug Fix: Health is no longer displayed for undamageable parts of the ship including weapons.
  8. Bug Fix: Demolish option no longer appears for components that have already been demolished after the ship sinks.
  9. Bug Fix: Ramming Galley can no longer be crafted in the Large Shipyard.
  10. Bug Fix: Forward-facing Large Cannons are now correctly assigned to the Front Station Group.
  11. Bug Fix: Oars will now always automatically retract after idling for 10 seconds.
  12. Bug Fix: Sail rigging now previews correctly when placing new sails.


  1. Max reverse speed for all ships increased by 200%.
  2. Bug Fix: Level cap for max quality ships restored to 60.
  3. NOTE: The max level of ships built during the previous patch won’t change.

Winter Event

  1. Christmas Trees now produce gifts every 12 hours.
  2. Bug Fix: Santa Hat skin will no longer disappear from player inventory.
  3. Bug Fix: Santa Hat is now properly positioned on Monkeys, Parrots, and Penguins.
  4. Bug Fix: Resolved issue where Stockings and Christmas Trees would stop producing coal/gifts after server restarts.


  1. Fixed some cases where Markets would break.
  2. Limited the number of Trade Offers Markets can have to 20.


  1. Made some server reliability improvements.
  2. Bears can now equip hats.
  3. Glider Suit may now only be activated under 110 meters height (about the height of the lighthouse).
  4. Reduced Grill’s damage resistance.
  5. Sea Fort walls now swap to a damaged mesh when destroyed rather than disappearing.
  6. Bug Fix: Explosive Barrels can no longer deal damage in Freeports.
  7. Bug Fix: Removed some bad maps from Treasure Map spawning.